SHEA Power Passport - EUSR Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness

The SHEA (Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness) Power Passport Scheme Training course provides a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental awareness across the utilities sector. The passport scheme has been developed in collaboration with industry in order to meet Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

This power industry training programme now includes additional modules on power industry hazards and power generation and distribution.

The 1 day course can accommodate up to 12 delegates per day.
This course is currently available as a virtual course up to 10 delegates, to attend the course delegates must have access to a computer or laptop that uses a microphone and webcam.

SHEA Modules

The SHEA Power scheme takes a modular approach. There are eight modules with six modules designated as ‘core’ modules, which are pertinent for all utility sectors. Two modules provide the power industry specific content.

  • Module 1: Power generation and distribution (Scheme specific module)
  • Module 2: Understanding our workplace responsibilities
  • Module 3: Understanding the effects of our work on the environment
  • Module 4: Identifying and controlling risks
  • Module 5: Common hazards in the workplace
  • Module 6: Occupational health hazards
  • Module 7: Power industry hazards (Scheme specific module)
  • Module 8: Responding to emergencies

Candidates must complete all eight modules and pass the SHEA Power assessment and gain EUSR SHEA Power registration.

Who should attend?

All individuals involved in the operational activities of the power industry who require access to sites, both permanent and temporary, including all levels of operatives, supervisors and management. 


The SHEA Power scheme is partnered with CSCS to allow power industry workers access to construction sites for purposes of utilities work without the need for a separate CSCS card.

For further details please consult the CSCS Partner page. 

SHEA Power is affiliated with CSCS and therefore the EUSR card card carries the CSCS logo



EUSR photo id card with qualification stated on back of card.

Course Booking 

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