Practical Fire Extinguisher Training


This Practical Fire Extinguisher training course is designed to go beyond classroom instruction. It greatly increases awareness of the range of extinguisher available in the workplace, the various uses of each, the specific types of fires which may be tackled with individual fire extinguishers, and how to safely handle them appropriately if called upon to do so.

Our Practical Fire Extinguisher Training aims to provide minimum knowledge and increase comfortability of usage of firefighting aid in emergencies.

The 1 to 2 hour course can accommodate up to 12 delegates. When combined with  Fire Marshal/Fire Warden training course the duration is 4 to 5 hours. All courses include basic fire awareness.

Course Objectives

The course is specifically focused on the practical usage of fire extinguishers in the workplace. Objectives are:

  • Understand best practice, i.e. when a fire extinguisher may be utilised
  • Introduce, familiarise and increase knowledge of fire extinguishers
  • Recognise, identify and select the correct fire extinguisher based on the emergency
  • Discuss routine inspections and record keeping
  • Outline and discuss the importance of the PASS (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep) formula for the safe usage of fire extinguishers

Who should attend?

Anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge of the practical usage of fire extinguishers in the workplace.  

Additional information

Each candidate will receive ‘hands on’ instruction and will discharge a CO2 and/or water based fire extinguisher. Minimal practical space is required as there will be no ‘live’ fire.


All delegates will receive a Groundforce Training certificate, valid for three years.