EUSR Categories 1 & 2

About EUSR Category 1 & 2 Combined: Locate Utility Services & Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices

The safety critical course includes both theoretical and practical assessments in order to increase the knowledge required to safely detect buried utility services as well as increasing the knowledge required for those working to safely excavate and maintain holes and trenches using both hand tools and hand held power tools

These qualifications are often referred to as HSG47 or Cat & Genny training and Safe Digging Practices. Our instruction goes beyond traditional 'in-house' sessions and is mapped to both EUSR and National Occupational Standards. 

The one and a half day course can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day.

Course objectives

  • Underground legislation and guidance pertaining to underground services, excavation, construction and groundworks. Examples are: HSG47, HSWA 1974, HSG150, CDM 2015, Work at Height Regs 2015, PUWER 1998, Confined Spaces Regulations 1997, EUSMUNC06, EUSMUNC07, COSVR370 and EUSEPUS044
  • Interpret utility drawings and line search documents 
  • Demonstrate usage of cable location devices (Cat & Genny) in order to locate utility services 
  • Identify the dangers and hazards associated with carrying out ground survey detection
  • Accept the limitations of underground utility detection equipment and drawings 
  • Grasp the true costs of utility 'strikes' to contractors, stakeholders and wider society
  • Distinguish between good and bad practices via increased education in this specialist area
  • Identify ground/soil types and changeable conditions faced on-site 
  • Carry out or interpret Risk Assessment and Permits to Work 
  • Implement safe digging practices through hand digging techniques 

Who will benefit?

Managers, supervisors, safety professionals and/or operatives who are required to oversee and/or carry out work employing underground services detection devices.

Guided Learning Hours

The minimum guided learning hours for a EUSR Categories 1: Locate Utility Services (HSG47 and 2: Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating practices is nine hours.


  • EUSR photo id card with qualification stated on back of card 
  • Groundforce Training certificate

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We are an approved CITB Training Provider meaning CITB Levy payers can claim cashback on a number of courses. 

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