Manhole boxes are specially designed structures that enable the construction of manhole chambers. These boxes are often used along continuous trench runs to provide additional trench width at manhole locations, ensuring that chambers can be easily constructed without causing unnecessary disruptions to surrounding areas. Manhole boxes are available in specific sizes to match common ring sizes, which minimizes construction waste and helps streamline the building process.

    One of the key benefits of using manhole boxes is their ease of assembly and installation. These boxes can be quickly assembled with the help of appropriate machinery and without the need for an operative to enter the unsupported excavation. This not only reduces the risk of accidents or injuries, but also makes the process of constructing manhole chambers much faster and more efficient.

    It is important to note that manhole boxes are heavy and should be handled with great care. Those responsible for lifting and handling these boxes must carefully consider the weight of the box and the capability of the lifting equipment used. It is strongly recommended that manhole boxes are always used with an integral Edgesafe and Laddersafe barrier and access system to ensure the safety of those working on the site. 

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Trench Boxes: Typical Installation Methodology

This quick and easy method ensures ground stability within a trench and helps minimise the excavation area to avoid damage to neighbouring structures and utilities in the ground. This methodology is best suited for trench boxes with shorter struts, if you use a trench box with long struts then other methods may be more suited, if you have any questions on different methods you can use contact our technical department.

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