Smart Pressure Testing Equipment


The Smart Pressure Testing Equipment from Stopper Specialists enables you to carry out your pressure testing quickly and easily, with data captured in real time. 

The app works with your Bluebox-enabled pressure logger to give you an instant pass or fail on-site. Key features also include failure analysis, recommendations, GPS location data and images.

  • Step by Step on screen instructions to successfully carry out a test
  • Instantaneous guide of the status of the test, air removal achieved, STP`s being reached & likelihood of a pass
  • Allows site staff to carry out other duties whilst test is running after 1st process checks been carried out by the App
  • Another android user can take over the testing process to see progress being made
  • Fully complies with IGN requirments 
  • All data stored on the Control Point “Joint manager” web site for later analysing or downloading of the test certificates
  • Helpdesk support available
  • Find out more information about pressure testing 

Technical Library

Shoring Manual for Sheeted Excavations

Shoring Manual for Sheeted Excavations

Manual for specifying equipment for sheeted excavations


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Mega Brace Technical Literature

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